Simmo's Services


Find & fix.

If you've ever been stuck with a blocked toilet, you'll know true desperation. Put the plunger down and let Simmo sort you out. With expertise and equipment on hand capable of unblocking even the most stubborn of blockages; your toilet, kitchen sink, outdoor drain or downpipes will soon be back in action. 


Installation & Repair.


Fully licensed to work with gas, we can install any approved gas fuelled appliance or solution as well as locate, isolate and repair any leaks or damaged components. Simon is a huge fan of copper, and will ensure your gas lines are up to the task.


Installation & Repair. 


Simmo's Plumbing & Coring can bring the steam back in to your morning shower, whether your old hot water system is on the way out or there's just a simple repair to be done. Solar hot water, heat pumps, instant gas systems, instant 3 phase systems, electric storage, commercial hot water and off-peak hot water is all within reach. You'll get help with arranging solar rebates, too. 


Find & fix. 

Water leaks can be both expensive and damaging to property. Simmo's Plumbing & Coring will find the source of your leak and repair it before your water bill skyrockets or your carpet is ruined. 
No task is too big or small here. From a dripping tap or toilet to a burst pipe, we'll help you out. 


Ducting, heating, installations & repair. 


Plumbing goes beyond leaking taps and blocked drains. Simmo's Plumbing can keep your home cool in summer and toasty in winter. With experience in ducted gas heating and evaporative cooling systems, we can install and upgrade systems as well as replace damaged ducting in hard to reach areas.


Buying or selling a property? Simmo's Plumbing & Coring is able to undertake pre-sale inspections for either buyers or sellers, and deliver a detailed report. We're happy to undertake any work required as rectification to enable a smooth transaction. We also perform general insurance work or can assess and create insurance reports


Simmo's Plumbing & Coring offer CCTV pipe inspections, which are a fantastic way to gather plenty of information and explore your drainage system.

Also offering water pipe location.


Repairs & Installations. 


A clogged or inadequately sized gutter can wreak expensive havoc on a building, Simmo's Plumbing & Coring will ensure that your gutters can handle what the sky throws at them. 

We offer replacement or upgrades of existing gutters and downpipes, as well as general roofing work including installation of rainwater harvesting solutions.


Installs, upgrades & digging holes. 


With experience in excavation and bigger-picture drainage systems, most drainage tasks are achievable for Simmo's Plumbing & Coring. From the installation of small drain additions to the conception of a from-scratch drainage system for your upcoming patio, we've got you covered. 


Remodel & refit. 

We're happy to assist with the remodelling or upgrade of bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and extensions. With a full playbook of capabilities, Simmo's Plumbing & Coring can replace or install vanities, toilets, tap-ware, garden tap/irrigation installation, tanks & pumps. 


Stop problems before they occur. 

There's nothing worse than a nasty surprise, other than an expensive nasty surprise. Maintenance is the best form of insurance. Simmo's Plumbing & Coring can help you prevent these nightmares through extensive gutter clearing, servicing of downpipes, evaporative cooling systems, ducted heater units, scheduled drain cleaning, pump testing and installation, testing and repair of equipment. 



Testing & Installation. 

Installation and servicing of all temperature mixing valves, commercial or residential.



Large-bore holes in heavy duty surfaces. 

We've got powerful coring equipment capable of drilling holes through slabs in order to run pipes, wires, or whatever is necessary. Ranging from 32mm - 500mm, through walls, floors and ceilings.

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